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Our Vision

  • To generate funding to help sustain the Wallaceburg Christian School

  • To be a visual active/blessing part in our community

  • To become increasingly unified in our faith and community

  • To create purposeful work that promotes stewardship and community

  • To be an example to future generations of our values: work ethic, faith and service, passion for our foundation and educational system, selfless, compassionate, generous, stewardly

  • To be humbled, aware of needs in our community, thankful for the blessings God has provided, willing to sacrifice

  • To promote other ministries and organizations in the community and partner with them as able

  • To provide affordable needed resources

  • To be open to using our resources when we see needs/opportunities

  • To provide an atmosphere that is welcoming, caring, safe and clean

  • To be conscientious and to budget wisely

  • To strive to work hard and be diligent through struggles and challenges that arise, seeking God’s will above our own

  • To be aware of our goals, be efficient, holding each other accountable, to do our best and be supporting of the organization and each other

  • Key vision words: sustainability, community, stewardly, generosity, service, legacy, diligence, accountability, supportive, welcoming.

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